i ride it, wear it, flog it and live to talk about it. Some of these reviews link to articles I wrote for Spoke Magazine.

SUSPENSION.       Ramp up your mid-stroke/end ramp with the SD Components DVC in your fork

TOOLS.                The One Up Components EDC Tool and mini-pump.


CLOTHING.          A super comfy base layer with Infrared tech. The Odditee from Ground Effect.


TYRES.                      A great all rounder, especially if you run wide rims..the Bontrager SE5 Team Issue.


BIKES.                          Santa Cruz burn their new Strega at the stake


BIKES.                          A long while back when 26" was all the rage I jumped on the Liteville 301 (Spoke)


SUSPENSION.             Shockcraft Suspension re-valve my Pike Charger damper


SUSPENSION.             Manitou Magnum Pro fork in 275+


SUSPENSION.                The Vorsprung Luftkappe airspring kit for your Pike/Yari/Lyrik fork


PROTECTION.             Oh gee, not another kneepad... boring. The Specialized Atlas


PROTECTION.             Yes, another knee pad. It's a hot topic. The Troy Lee T-bones 2


PROTECTION.              When is a trail helmet not a trail helmet? When it's a Giro Switchblade.


FOOTWEAR.                    A gravity shoe good enough for XC riding. The Shimano AM9



TOOLS.                           A shock pump small enough to take riding. The Birzman



ACCESSORIES.              A Personal Locator Beacon should be in everyones bumbag.



ACCESSORIES.               Bags on bikes. I load up with a swell Stealth bumbag and a couple more on the bike



BIKES.                                The gearbox driven Kiwi carbon enduro machine. The Zerode Taniwha



WHEELS.                            Wheelworks Handcrafted Wheels using Derby carbon rims. Take FLITE



CHAINGUIDES.                             One Up Components and their slick little chainguide



PROTECTION.                                   The best all rounder knee pads?  G-Form knee pads


TOOLS.                                               I think the Birzman Chaintool is the business then I break it.                                                       


BIKES.                                        Riding the Santa Cruz Stigmata to the Old Ghost road then jumping on the Highball                                                           (Spoke mag.)



Read a full review of the Intense Recluse      (Spoke mag.)  


BIKES                                         Have a look at my trip to Patagonia to ride the Hightower  ( Spoke mag.)


BIKES                                           The 2014 Scott Genius 720 with video review    (Spoke mag.)


SUSPENSION                                 Bos Kirk and Deville       (Spoke mag.)


BIKES                                            I like the Santa Cruz Bronson so much I buy it      (Spoke mag.)                    


HELMETS                                                  The Scott Stego is here      (Spoke mag.)


SUSPENSION                                          The Float 34 27.5 plus      (Spoke mag.)


BIKES                             I soup up the Santa Cruz Highball for some serious shredding   (Spoke mag.)


SUSPENSION                   Cane Creek upgrade their Double Barrel shocker with a  climb switch (CS)


BIKES                            The 2014 Norco Sight carbon 7.2  (Spoke)