Today was a great day as far as Wellington trails, particularly mount Victoria, was concerned. Specialized Bikes New Zealand are travelling the country with a van and trailer loaded with bikes, tools, a BBQ and a great bunch of guys bringing the mountainbiking community together to build some trails, eat good food, drink local craft beer and ride some bikes (then drink more beer). We had about 50 people turn up to try their hand at digging trails today. The first time for most of them too. Mt. Victoria got about a years worth of love and everyone left a few hours later smiling, shaking hands, slapping backs and trading phone numbers.

Parkbench gets a new exit

Warlord Battleaxe and his little brother, the Gravedigger

Burkes Cycles and iRide bike shops were there with their staff and even Tallbeast Fabrications turned up with a few Warlord Battleaxes to make short work of the dirt.

Lower "V" gets a new corner

The Specialized team put on a BBQ fit for the queen and Garage Project Beer was flowing freely. We all made new friends and chalked up some good trail karma and spent an hour or so riding the trails we had souped up and had a few spills and giggles. 

The old Parkbench exit is closed with a berm to spit you back up the hill for more riding time.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and helped out. You will be eternally rewarded. And thanks again to the team at Specialized...You guys rock.

Lower 'V'

Many hands makes light work.

Retaining lower "V"

The new Parkbench exit

James whips up a couple of salads before the crews return.