Birzman shock Pump

Never get all wallowy out on the trail again.

Unless you work as a bike mechanic, why would you need a big shockpump? In reality even standard/big sized pump’s are a bit of a struggle to get your rear shock up to 230 odd psi. Once your shock is good to go the pump can sit in your shed drawer for quite a few months it seems. That is until you’re out on the trail and you realize that those pies and chips this winter have been playing a bigger role in your diet and now your rig is wallowing all over the place. What’s the answer? Get your self one of these cute little Birzman Macht shock pumps and keep it in your riding bag forever. Even if you don’t use it, I’m sure your buddies will (we’ve all got buddies like that haven’t we?)

It even puts air in shocks. Up to 300 PSI worth.

It works and it works well and the quality is great. All aluminium construction is a bonus too. It takes a few more strokes to get my shock up to pressure compared with my other brand workshop pump but whoop-de-doo! It's not like you are using it every day are you? 

It weighs about 85 grams which is nearly a third of what other brands come in at. And while the length is similar to the others, it takes up a lot less room and the hose can be bent out of the way to make it a bit shorter.

The cool thing about this Birzman apart from the tiny size, low weight and flush mounted, nicely out of the way, air release button is there is no pressure release from the pump when you remove the hose from the shock because it has a air lock valve head. OK this doesn’t mean much in the real world but I kind of like that stealth feature as no matter how much everyone tells you that hiss of escaping air isn’t from your shock, you’re still never really quite sure are you?

Just for comparison....

Easy to read and it's pretty hard to dump air by accident too

You can have a proper look at the Birzman Macht here