I May Have Soiled Myself Slightly

Making my own paradise

I got sucker punched a couple of weeks back. My wife handed over the credit card to a kitchen company and now I can't even afford gas. Yeah, I complained like hell until she pointed out the "who is therodfather" banner pic on this website and I realised I was busted. I thought I had done a stellar job of convincing her I only owned three bikes. So anyway, my dreams of moving to Squamish B.C. are now dashed and it looks like I'll be residing on the Kapiti Coast until I die.

Whoop-de-doo I hear you say. Well La-dee-da you mockers because  this means I'm attacking the Kapiti Trail Programme with re-newed vigour and you will be the ones who benefit. For years there have been tales told around the fish scaling table (fishing is real big here) about a heavenly single track from one of the highest points in the Akatarawas all the way to the sea and today I went out to find and tame said legend and mark the 60 minute, nearly all downhill, jungle singletrack for SouthStar Trails to clear back so my mates and I can go back in and work the surface. What is astounding about this trail is that it only takes about 80-90 minutes of cruisy riding to get to the top. No shit!

So....For your viewing pleasure here I have a photo essay of the trail. Phone pics I'm sorry as it was raining and I can't afford to replace my new camera. (or even chain lube for that matter)

Heading in via a wee shortcut. Rain and mist and all alone.

Goodbye Kapiti. Hope I make it back out.

As far as climbing goes you cant beat a smooth gentle one.

Gotta love clay. I was even wheel spinning on this gentle climb

I love spooky shit like this when riding alone.

Gorillas in the mist. Are you bored yet? I wasn't, I was in the zone.

WTF? Do I really have to go up there?

That was one massive tree

Southstar Trails put in a trail builder for the day. For free! Now that's putting a little love back in.

I love a good puddle.

Finally. Into the good stuff. There's gotta be Moa in here somewhere

This is where I may have soiled myself (the first time). It almost makes wet riding something to yearn for.

I'd rather be at the mall.

It's almost Jurassic in here.

I'm running out of things to say.

I had a minor panic attack about here. Alone. No phone reception. Very slippery roots. Hang on, I almost forgot. I have a Personal Locator Beacon. Thanks SARDynamics.

The occaisonal mini clearing to take stock

It doesn't look it but it was very steep and I had to stop here and congratulate myself for not binning it.

A little bit of bike porn. This Hightower has got to be the ultimate all-rounder trail bike on the planet.

There are a few little climbing sections to break it up.

The universal sign for all trail builders."Make rad trail here"

So much native singletrack. I wasn't missing berms and jumps one little bit.

Blah blah blah. Yeah I know, nearly there.

This is where I really soiled myself. Way too slippery and steep. Wouldn't have tried it without my PLB. It's ok, I'm fine.(shin is a bit sore though).

Looking back up at where I crashed. Bloody cameras making it look flat. It was harder to walk down so I got back on that horse and tripoded (that word needs to go in the Urban Dictionary) the rest of the way

So...That's it. Well actually, you can do a 10 minute climb and then get another 15 minutes of descent to get your full 60 minutes worth but I'm not complaining. It'll be ready to ride properly very soon. If you are ever in my 'hood and want adventure then look me up. I'm pretty much stuck here for ever. 

Moral of the story? Hide your bikes from the wife and don't get all cocky on social media.