The best little knee pad in town.

I received these knee pads a while back and I've thrashed the hell out of them so you can read my first impressions from back then and now how they fared after a years use.

"A  year ago when Caleb first turned up to a ride with his G-Form knee pads we all had a giggle at his euro-robo-batboy look and since then I know he has copped a bit of ribbing from others when they take a gander at his knees. Then Jeff “suave bugger” Carter started rocking a pair and I had to take notice. I especially took notice when realized that neither Caleb or Jeff ever fiddled about with them once they were on, and on a few dawn raid pirate trail excursions, Jeff was turning up for breakfast with the G-forms already on.

Very slim fitting but with a reasonable thickness to the crash pad. If your shorts ride any higher then lookout for that dreaded twat gap. 

I also know that if something doesn’t work then both these boys will ditch them quicker than you can say “Rangers coming” when you're about to get busted riding where you shouldn’t be.

When a set turned up at HQ I had to try them on and wow, they’re pretty comfy. Also the padding is much thicker than I thought but has depression channels everywhere which act as multiple hinges to mold the pad around your boney bits. I can’t wait to try them and this new Pro model with the yellow stitching and pad base certainly makes them a little less robo/bat like for sure. I will keep you updated once I eat shit big time on the trails".

You can see that every gap in the padding acts as a hinge to wrap it around your knee. 


Well. I've been using them for over a year now and they are the best knee pad I've ever used that offer all the things I insist on with a wear-all-day trail knee pad. Super comfy. Unobtrusive. Lightweight. Very good wrap around protection (especially for their weight). Minimal unwanted movement away from where they are meant to be sitting. Work well in hot weather (as they wick sweat away very well). They have lasted pretty good too. Multiple stitching rows mean that if a few threads pop then they'll still do the job. Finally some of the knobby bits have started to lift but they have done a good 200 rides easy. I reckon you can't go past these pads especially if you want them on from dawn 'til dusk. They have loosened up a bit over that year and I probably should have gone for a smaller size. Here's a tip...If you are unsure on sizing for any knee pad, always go for the smaller pair. They will loosen up after a few rides like these G-forms did. I've been very happy for a year but finally they started to migrate down my thigh a bit. As these have a thin lycra sleeve it was real easy to just stitch a new seam up the back to take them in a centimetre or so. Impact wise, they take a pretty good wack and I have never had any chafing issues either. Also, after multiple uses over a few days with no washing they don't stink up the place anywhere near as bad as most other pads out there. The best knee pad ever ? Pretty darn close!

You can see where a corner is lifting. F2 type contact glue should fix that

I'm also a dab hand with a sewing machine. I ran a stitch up the back to resize them after they bagged out. Took a year of heavy riding which is pretty good.

They still look pretty good after a year and close to 200 rides and a handful of crashes